Friday, July 27, 2012

Photos of Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick's Ordination and Reception

The Cathedral of St. Catherine of Alexandria was the scene of Bishop Wayne Kirkpatrick's ordination as Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto on Wednesday afternoon.  A reception followed in the Holiday Inn afterwards. 

Cardinal Thomas Collins was the principal consecrator and homilist, while iemeritus Bishop John O'Mara and current St. Catharines Bishop Gerard Bergie (below) were the co-consecrators, joined by the other bishops present.

I am grateful to photographer Denis Cahill, who shared with me some of the many photos he took of this happy occasion.

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  1. Bishop Terry: Thank you for posting these pictures. I would like to add these to our family history. Would it be possible to get the names of the bishops in pictures 2,7,10 and 11 so I can have them labeled properly? Thank you very much, Paula Goodale