Thursday, July 19, 2012

Journey to the Father Youth Gathering at St. Raphael's, ON

A good number of young people from the Ottawa Archdiocese took part in the Alexandria-Cornwall's diocesan youth rally held for some thirteen years in St. Raphael's, an hour and a quarter east of Ottawa. 

Tavis Goski, who has finished the spiritual year and will enter theological studies for the priesthood at St. Augustine's Seminary in the fall, was my driver on Saturday morning and took care of preparing my vestments for the occasion.

We celebrated Mass at 9am, with Father Graham Keep--from the London Diocese and lead evangelist for the weekend--as the homilist.

There were separate talks for the males and females, sports, songfests, great meals and much enthusiasm for the more than 200 who took part under the big top.

Some other photos of the time when we were there:

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  1. Félicitations à cette belle jeunesse qui est prête à s'engager au nom de l'Évangile, au nom de Jésus! Et merci à vous, Monseigneur, de les soutenir comme vous le faites!

    Soyez assurés de ma prière,