Friday, September 30, 2011

St. Jerome, Patron of Scripture Scholars and Translators - SCRIPTUREFEST in Edmonton - New Book on Liturgical Year of Saint Mark ("B")

Caravaggio, St. Jerome Writing

Saint Jerome, Priest
& Doctor of the Church

O God, who gave the Priest Saint Jerome a living and tender love for Sacred Scripture, grant that your people may be ever more fruitfully nourished by your Word and find in it the fount of life. Through our Lord.

* * * * * *


Last weekend, I spent in Edmonton giving presentations on Saturday at Archbishop MacDonald High School.  It was good to meet up with Archbishop Richard Smith, my associate from Halifax, Ukrainian Eparch David Motiuk and Emeritus Archbishop Joseph N. McNeil--all were magnificent hosts (including a visit to  + Richard's home on Friday evening).

It was good to see the event coordinator Susan Barylo and husband Marc and meet long-time friends, Sr. Frances MacDougall, CND and Margot Bilodeau.

On Saturday night and Sunday, I was hosted by the St. Joseph's Seminary community in their new quarters, celebrated Sunday morning Mass at the Basilica and took a long walk enjoying the lovely sunny weather.  Photos of these latter events in coming days, meantime, here are further pix of the Scripturefest day:  

 * * * * * *


In a bit of shameless self-promotion, I would like to mention that this year's commentary on the Sunday Readings for Year B (beginning with the First Sunday of Advent), announced for the end of October, is actually due off the press any day now.

Liiving God's Word is available in a print edition at Cdn $19.95 and I believe will also be available in an e-book edition (not sure the price).

For more info or to order, go to

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