Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arriverderci, Mons. Lorusso - Welcome Franciscans of Halifax

The start of the new Pastoral Year (activity year, school year) features comings and goings. There have been some at my residence (more on these later), at the Nunciature, at the Catholic universities in town, in our parishes.

Mons. Luca Lorusso, who has been the First Counsellor at the Nunciature since the summer of 2007 (we arrived in Ottawa around the same time), has been transferred to the Nunciature to Italy (in Rome); his successor, Mons. Maurizio Bravi will be coming here shortly from Paris. 

Recently, a dinner was held to thank Mons. Luca for his contributions to the Archdiocese as well as to the Church in Canada; we were pleased that His Excellency, Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana could be present.

The souvenir presented to him is the book A Brief History and Parishes of the Archdiocese of Ottawa/Histoire Concise et les Paroisses de l'Archidiocese d'Ottawa [Editions du Signe] published this year to mark the 125th anniversary of Ottawa's designation as an Archdiocese. 

Copies of the work are available at the Diocesan Centre or from parishes that still have them.

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Franciscans of Halifax
Arrive for Studies at Dominican College

Some young men whom I had known in Halifax arrived on the weekend to begin theological and philosophical studies at Dominican University College.  Welcome, brothers!

Left to right: Brothers Paul, James, Christopher

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