Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Meeting of the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO); THANKSGIVING WEEKEND APPROACHES

The new name for the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops is the Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (a conference is proper to the national entity; all the other regional groupings of bishops are called assemblies).

On the occasion of our fall meeting Bill Wittman, whose work is well known in Catholic and religious publishing, came for the official photo and I persuaded him to take another on my Sony digital. The layman in the top left corner is Mr. Luciano Piovesan, General Secretary of the ACBO. The meeting ran from late morning Monday (with the Opening Mass at 11AM) through Wednesday lunch. The schedule was pretty full. We had resource people come in for presentations, particularly on education matters. Here are some photos taken at the meeting.

Getting ready for one of the sessions, Bishop Noel Simard waves across the room and Sister Joan Cronin from ICE (the Institute for Catholic Education) makes a note

I turn the tables on Bill Wittman who has taken photos of me many times over the years, as CCCB Assistant General Secretary Bede Hubbard serves the fruit, while Archbishop Brendan O'Brien and Bishop James Wingle look on....

On Tuesday afternoon, Father Bill Ryan, S.J. gave a brilliant synthesis of Pope Benedict XVI's recent encyclical Caritas in veritate; here he chats with London Bishop Ronald Fabbro, C.S.B.

Bishop John Boissonneau engages Slovak Eparch John Pazak, C.Ss.R. in conversation, while Bishop Paul Marchand, S.M.M. looks away....

Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association President Paula Peroni and OCSTA Executive Director John Stunt prepare a presentation on Catholic education

* * * * * *

In thanksgiving for different kinds of cauliflower and other gifts of the Creator:

"We turn to God in thanksgiving for all the gifts bestowed by his unfailing love, whether upon us personally or upon others, for on this weekend we rejoice in the good fortune of all"....

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  1. I saw your name in a Globe And Mail article a few days ago. Last news I had had of you was when you were in Halifax.

    After many years of trying to track down our classmate Al Radl I finally succeeded. He heard from someone in the UK that I was hunting him, and found me on Facebook.

    Al mentioned the you and he met in Rome some 35 years ago. He is still living in Austria.

    I`m still in touch with a few of the class of 61.

    Pax tecum,
    Lech Lesiak