Friday, October 23, 2009

The Archdiocesan Presbyteral Council and College of Consultors - Father Geoff Kerslake on the Priesthood

Left to right: Msgr. Len Lunney, retired; Msgr. Kevin Beach, Vicar General; Father Galen Bank, CC, pastor of St. Maurice Church

This past week, the Canadian Bishops held their annual deliberations. Coming home, each bishop meets with his presbyterate (body of priests) and the consultative process which draws on their wisdom and pastoral insights in the guidance of the local church.

The Presbyteral Council made up of priests elected by their peers (diocesan priests and religious who participate with them in the ministry of the local church) and those nominated by the bishop to complement the gifts of those chosen (balancing for example, age, experience, regional aspects, international and local priests) meets several times in the fall and spring.

The College of Consultors, a smaller body, is chosen by the bishop from those on the Presbyteral Council to assist him in taking decisions on financial and canonical management issues (e.g. major expenditures by the parishes or the diocese). itself).

Abbe Jean-Pierre Fredette carries on a discussion with Pere Gaetan Ouimet, s.m.m., pastor of Notre-Dame de Lourdes (Vanier)

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To mark the Year of the Priest (2009-2010), the Archdiocesan website ( has been publishing reflections by some of our priests (and others are in preparation).

They are in French and English and the earlier submissions(Father Jonathan Blake and Msgr. Jose Bettencourt) remain on the website for ongoing consultation.

Father Geoff, ordained six years ago and served at St. Patrick's Fallowfield as associate pastor and at St. Leonard's Manotick as pastor, is now a student of Liturgical Theology at San Anselmo Institute, Rome and resident at the Pontifical Canadian College there.

You are invited to click the link to the Archdiocese of Ottawa website on the right to read this young priests's thoughts on his vocation and on joy in the priest's life.


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