Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Scenes from the KofC Supreme Council (Phoenix, AZ)

Preparing for Mass one may recognize Eparch Kenneth Nowakowski (New Westminster) and Archbishop Richard Smith (Edmonton)

Mgr Noel Simard (Auxiliary, Sault-Sainte-Marie) and CCCB President James Weisgerber (Winnipeg)

St-Boniface emeritus archbishop Emilius Goulet, p.s.s., tries on a stetson...

Bishop David Monroe often sketches to keep alert during addresses: here's a recent work!

Deputy Supreme Knight Dennis Savoie (New Brunswick) with yours truly....

Mgr Eugene Larocque, emeritus bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall, stands up for Ontario during procession at States Dinner

Winnipeg archeparch emeritus Michael Bzdel, C.Ss.R. and Mgr Raymond St-Gelais, bishop of Nicolet

To my right: Bishop David Monroe (bishop of Kamloops), Quebec Archbishop Marc Cardinal Ouellet (Primate of Canada) and Mgr Jean-Louis Plouffe (bishop of Sault-Sainte-Marie)

Final Salute to the State of Arizona, this year's hosts

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