Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Arriving in Rome, the North American College, visiting friends

Rome always fascinates me, whether I arrive by train (as I did from Livorno) or by air. There are several sights that are always exciting: St. Peter's Basilica (naturally), the Colosseum (see below), the gates of the Temple of Janus but there are many, many more in the Eternal City. Everywhere you turn, there's something special.

The place of athletic contests, circuses and the martyrdom of Christians

Janus: think of January that looks back to the old year and forward to the new

The Pontifical North American College

This residential college for seminarians studying for the priesthood for the dioceses of the United States (and occasionally the dioceses of Canada, Australia or those of other nations) will be full again this year (over 200 sems) as the NAC celebrates 150 years (which has led to retrofits and repairs all over the campus).

The students study at the Angelicum, Gregorian, Holy Cross, Lateran or other pontifical universities according to their particular interests of the wish of their bishop or vocation director.

On the top floor (5th), there are suites for visiting ecclesiastics and other visitors, many of them designated in honour of a current or deceased bishop or cardinal.

On arrival, I was assigned the Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen suite, which has a portrait of him, an image of Throne of Wisdom: Our Lady of Peoria (his diocese of origin) and a spectacular view of St. Peter's Vatican Basilica:

One of the Joys of Rome: Dining Out

Long-time friend and associate Father Livio Poloniato

Regularly during my visits to Rome, I drop in at the Conventual Franciscan Convent of St. Giacomo on the Lungotevere Farnesia, not far from the chic Trastevere area.

Pranzo (dinner) is at 1:30 and invariably there is a heated exchange among the friars and visitors: a delightful commnunity.

Sometimes for cena (supper), we will slip down the "Descent of the Good Shepherd" and visit a local trattoria for pasta and good red wine, as we did of a recent evening:

Checking out the peppers, garlic and onions with Brother Francesco Pirisi

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  1. Thank you is so good to see Rome again and to know that our brother is doing well!!! Peace to you and your time in Italy