Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Celebrating an Ordination Anniversary

Thirty-seven years ago, in the chapel of Regis College, then in Willowdale, ON, the late Bishop Thomas Fulton ordained me and three Canadian Jesuit classmates (Frank Obrigewitsch of Campion College, Regina and the late Ronald Barnes and Brian Massie) to the priesthood.

How time flies! And the sense of gratitude for this unmerited grace and unfathomable blessing just continues to grow.

My normal day off of Monday was shifted to Wednesday this week because of other obligations that day and of visitors from Halifax who are in Ottawa today and tomorrow: Father Roberto Donato, pastor of the parishes of St. Catherine of Siena and St. Theresa and Franciscans of Halifax Brother Peter Hanna.

Brother Peter Hanna(left); Father Roberto Donato (right)

With Fr. Vernon Boyd SJ we celebrated Mass in the residence chapel and enjoyed lunch together with the Archeveche residents.

Later, Roberto and Peter and I went for a long walk along the Ottawa River and Voyageur pathways, exploring also the Rideau Locks and the Byward Market, then went out for supper in an Italian eatery in on the Corso Italia.


  1. Happy anniversary Your Grace! May the Lord continue to guide you and shower you with His great blessings.

  2. Happy Anniversary Your Grace ! A little prayer from Jamaica for you and your ministry. I am so proud of knowing you. You have had a lot of influence in my life as a priest and someone involved in Church admin. May great blessings on you, always, In Nomine Jesu !

    Michael and Brothers in Jamaica

  3. I add my congratulations on your anniversary! I'm loving seeing the pictures on your blog. It gives a great sense of the diocese in all its wonderful diversity as well. Thanks!