Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday in the Easter Octave - Funeral of Mgr Gratton - Incident on the Road

Collect of Thursday within the Octave of Easter

O God, who have united many nations in confession your Name, grant that those reborn in the font of Baptism may be one in the faith of their hearts and the homage of their deeds. Through our Lord.

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Funérailles de Mgr Jean Gratton

Mardi après-midi je me suis rendu à la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Fourvières pour les rites funéraires célébrés pour Mgr Jean Gratton, quatrième évêque de Mont Laurier.

Voici quelques photos prises à l’occasion :

...and an incident on the way home
During lunch at the Bishop's Office, I heard stories of adventures on the highway in rural dioceses, including the experience of the Sister Chancellor's car hitting a deer one winter day.  Some twenty kilometers south of Mont Laurier, my driver had the same experience as a deer bounded out of the woods and towards our car. 
Steering adroitly, he struck the deer a glancing blow on the driver's side, with the side-view mirrow being smashed and several major dents on the door and front body.  Shaken, we continued on our way
Some pix of the damage:


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  1. Glad you are okay after the deer incident. Serving in Manitoba, I have hit some deer, and some deer have hit me! One year, I hit so many deer that my youth group started calling me Fr Deer Hunter!