Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cabane à sucre - Saturday of Lent Week III - St. Francis of Paolo

Cabane à sucre

Cette semaine mon conseil épiscopal et moi sommes allés partager le repas de midi à la Résidence Jean-Paul II pour les évêques et prêtres retraités. C’est toujours une joyeuse occasion de manger un repas d’antan très sucré.

Earlier this week, I was pleased to be invited with my episcopal council to a «Sugaring Off» party at the John Paul II Residence for retired clergy. For those with a sweet tooth (and everyone seemed to have one that day) it was a little taste of the end of winter and the arrival of spring with maple syrup everywhere in evidence.

Quelques photos, some pix:

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Saturday of the Third Week in Lent

Rejoicing in this annual celebration of our Lenten observance, we pray, O Lord, that, with our hearts set on the paschal mysteries, we may be gladdened by their full effects. Through our Lord.

* * * * * *
St. Francis of Paola

St. Francis was born at Paula in Calabria; after living as a hermit for five years (from the age of fourteen to nineteen) he gathered around him some companions with whom he led the religious life. This was the origin of a new order, to which he gave the name of Minims, that is "the least" in the house of God. Pope Sixtus IV sent him to France to help Louis XI on his deathbed. He remained there and founded a house of his Minims at Tours.

* * *

Francis of Paola founded the Minim Order, a branch of the Franciscans (1454). These "Hermits of St. Francis of Assisi" dwelt in small houses, and as "least" brethren, endeavored to live a more austere and humble life than the "Fratres Minores."

The saint worked numerous miracles. He had a favorite short prayer, one that welled up from the depths of his physical and spiritual being: "Out of love." This was an all-powerful expression for him and for his companions. "Out of love" the heaviest stone was light; "Out of love" he admonished and punished; "Out of love" he once crossed the sea without a boat.

For on a certain occasion the saint wanted to go from the Italian mainland to Sicily. A boat was lying in the harbor. Francis asked the owner if he would take him and his companion along on the boat. "If you pay, monk," the sailor answered sulkily, "I will take you along." "Out of love," the saint humbly pleaded; "for I have no money with me." "Then I have no ship for you," came the mocking reply. "Out of love," was Francis' answer, "forgive me if I go away." He walked about a stone's throw to the shore, knelt down, and blessed the sea. Then, to the sailor's great surprise, the saint suddenly stood up, stepped out on the tossing waves, and with firm foot trod over the surging sea.

St. Francis of Paola stood high in the esteem of the French king, Louis XI, whom he helped prepare for death.--Pius Parsch, The Church's Year of Grace


  1. Congratulations for tossing a pro abortion priest from the diocese and from my parish.One must ask how he got the invite in the first place and why D&P is not called on the carpet for 'other' pro abort outfits it sponsors.

  2. Thank you, your Grace, for your courageous witness to the gospel of life.

  3. Thank you for standing up for what the church teaches, and for insisting that the preaching of the Gospel of Life not be obfuscated. It gives many of us much hope.

  4. May the Good Lord abundantly bless you, your Grace! I pray that your brother bishops follow your lead!

  5. Congratulations to you Archbishop Prendergast on the courage you have shown in turning away a D& P partner set to speak and fundraise in the Ottawa archdiocese. You have helped the poor little ones in the womb of their mothers to see the light of day.
    Almsgiving," Yes" but D&P, "No. "At least not yet." And maybe not ever for like a vessel she may be too far out to sea and she may have struck an iceberg and this is the first sign that she is sinking fast.