Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Visit to “Chez Mère Bruyère” to Mark Its Twentieth Anniversary

On Tuesday afternoon, Mgr Daniel Berniquez and I dropped in on “Chez Mère Bruyère” at 264 Olmstead Avenue in Vanier to help observe the 20th anniversary of its foundation.  Its purpose is to provide children's clothing from birth to twelve years of age to poor and immigrant families. 

The Sisters of Charity of Ottawa noted the need in 1991 and the program was up and running by March 25, 1992.  Through contacts made with the help of clergy, school authorities or social workers, a parent, accompanied by their children or not, get an hour-long appointment to choose needed clothes, outwear in winter, boots, etc.  As the children's clothing is taken away, each child is also given a toy.

Stories were told of the different religious sisters who gave the leadership to this tiny, helpful presence in the heart of Vanier and reflections on the experiences of the many volunteers were also shared.  The celebration was humble and joyful.  Some other photos:


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