Monday, June 4, 2012

Retreat for Hamilton Priests at Carmelite Monastery, Niagara Falls

The Carmelite Monastery above Niagara Falls, Ontario was the site of the first session of the Annual Priests' Retreat for the Diocese of Hamilton that I was privileged to direct from Monday to Friday last week. 

Bishop Douglas Crosby, OMI and some thirty-five priests attended.  We were mindful of the last days of Diocesan Chancellor Msgr. John Vincent Kerr, who subsequently passed away on Saturday evening after a short but intense bout with cancer.

The Carmelite facility is beautiful architecturally and the Community and staff offer wonderful hospitality.  We posed for a photo on Thursday morning; several other photos that give a flavour of the gathering and the beauty of the monastery chapel:

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  1. God bless our holy priests. Some who are pictured here are moving on soon. Thanks for the reminder to pray for them in their new charges.