Friday, August 12, 2011

Some Photos of the WYD Pilgrimage, Dorval, Charles de Gaulle, Madrid, arrival in Valladolid

We arrived safely in Paris, though we missed our connection due to storms in Montreal that caused delays in aircraft arrivals and departures.

However, Air France came through superbly, rebooking all who were on the 9:30 am flight on the 12:30 flight with the others. And we all got a free sandwich and drink for our trouble.

Madrid is inundated with early arrivals for the Days in the Diocese.  We ran into folks from Paraguay on the plane, in the airport delegations from Botswana, Holland, France, Benin and the dioceses of San Bernardino and Fort Wayne-South Bend.

Arrival in Madrid and meeting with others who had come on their own went smoothly and we were warmly welcomed at the Diocesan Seminary and the Parish of La Sagrada Famiglia de Nazareth, where we celebrated Mass last night at 9PM, followed by supper and immediate "crashing into bed".

Sister Laura is doing great translation of my homilies in English or French into our second language and Spanish.

Valladolid is a beautiful city and the people are warm in their welcome (it is also pretty hot -- 34-36 degrees Celsius in the day time; delightfully cool at night and in the early morning).

Some photos:




    make sure you pop into the Real Colegio de los Ingleses - started BY Fr Robert Persons SJ during the protestant reformation.. Mgr Kujacz the rector would make you ver ywelcome

    calle don sancho, 22

    47002 valladolid - just near the plaza san juan

    pray for us in the UK!

  2. excuse me how can i contract thegirl that she stand between tow man in the 3th picture i been wyd and valladolid too i met her in taize,france 2007