Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Universal Moral Language: Bioethics and the Natural Law

The Canadian delegation attending the Knights of Columbus/National Catholic Bioethics Centre symposium for bishops posed this morning for a group photo, as we took a pause between sessions on issues that touch on natural law and church teaching (viz. reproductive technologies, the feminist case against abortion, stem cell research, same-sex attactions and gender identity, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, health care legislation in the USA, special questions in Spanish-speaking countries). Two of the Canadian bishops are serving in Honduras.

Left to right: Most Reverend/Mgr Richard Smith (Edmonton), Donald Theriault (Military Ordinary), John Boissonneau (Auxiliary of Toronto), Terrence Prendergast, S.J. (Ottawa), Emilius Goulet, pss (Emeritus, Saint-Boniface), John Pazak, CSsR (Toronto Slovak Byzantine Eparch), Ronald Fabbro, csb (London), Richard Grecco (Charlottetown), Martin Veillette (Trois-Rivieres), Eugene Tremblay (Amos), Brendan O'Brien (Kingston), Guy Plante, pme (Choluteca, Honduras), Jean-Louis Giasson, pme (Yoro, Honduras)

Other pictures from the sessions:

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  1. Dear Archbishop of Ottawa,
    Great delegation from Canada !
    My friend Bishop Martin Veillette from Trois-Rivières is part with you.

    Best Success !

    Paul-R. Lavigne