Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Neo-Catechumenal Way's Domus Galilaeae (Part I)

The Neo-Catechumenal Way Hosts the Bishops of the World

The Canadian Itinerant Team (centre) of Donatella, Fr. Isidoro and Francesco welcomes two other bishops and me at Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv)

From January 26-February 1, seven cardinals and some 200-plus bishops from all the continents were hosted in the Domus Galilaeae, a seminary, training and conference centre serving the Neo-Cathechumenal Way, as an opportunity to learn the Way's charism and approach and to profit from five days in the Holy Land.

Situated near the Mount of Beatitudes and overlooking the Sea of Galilee, the Domus is an architectural marvel as the following photos show:

Mgr Gilles Lemay (then auxiliary of Quebec, now bishop-elect of Amos), Bishop Brian Dunn (Antigonish)

Buildings take on life with the people interacting there, so more photos tomorrow and on subsequent days.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. This new asthetic brings one to think of the love of God. Beauty always attracts the human soul because beauty comes from love and God is love and the soul is made for love.

  2. Mgr l'Archevêque d'Ottawa,

    Merci bien de nous faire partager ces belles photos du Centre au Mont des Béatitudes.

    Ma visite en Terre Sainte remonte à 1976 déjà...

    Salutations du Québec,
    Paul-René Lavigne

  3. Dear Archbishop,

    I wonder how you reconcile the contradictions in the NCW teaching and approach. For example, the NCW describes itself (in its statutes) as an itinerary of formation - a "method" rather than an "entity". It goes on to say that, being a "method", it owns no property. And yet clearly it does, as is evidenced by the rich building and fittings as you have posted. Also, having statutes, it is clearly identified as a entity and not as a method. If it was a method or a "way" why is it that members should tithe, not to the parish, but to the "community"? Why is there no accountability for the flow of money? Have you ever heard of tithes being made to the local RCIA?

    Notwithstanding the many good people involved in the NCW, there are so many problems and contradictions it is very disturbing.

    Finally, have you ever read the catechetical directory of the "Way". Perhaps not. It is secret after all isn;t it? Perhaps you could explain why that is so, when the Church has never practised secrecy of that sort before.