Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Last Day in Rome - Readjusting and Getting Caught Up

On my last day in Rome, last Friday, I tried to touch base with various friends and associates.  Thus did I share luncheon in a trattoria in Trastevere with two felllow Canadian Jesuits, Father Michael Czerny (standing), who is the personal assistant to Cardinal Turkson, and Father Michael Rosinski, completing a licentiate in Canon Law at the Gregorian (seated right).

It was a lovely sunny day, with a clear blue sky, a lovely pause to assist in the transition to the snowy Canadian northland: 

Later in the afternoon I joined Father Hans Feichtinger (right), who labours at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith for a coffee on the via della Conciliazione.

* * * * * *

Travel travails continued with missed connections at London Heathrow and, when I was rebooked on the Heathrow-Montreal, the Montreal-Ottawa connection. Still, I am always amazed how far one can travel by air in such a short time.

Catching up with all the office mail and messages has been quite a challenge, but I hope to be returning soon to a more predictable time for posting my blog entries.

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