Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Visiting Holy Spirit Chinese Catholic Community at the Lunar New Year - New Spiritual Exercises Blog

The weekend was very busy: on Sunday evening I downloaded more that 200 digital photos.

They were from a visit to young men and women discerning God's will for them through a "Duc in altum" meeting held on Saturday at a home in Kanata.

That evening I attended the 4th Maryvale Academy Fundraising Gala at the St. Elias Centre.

On Sunday, I visited Shin Shen (Holy Spirit) Catholics at the Diocesan Centre where I met with community leaders, presided at Mass and took in the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Late that afternoon I took in the Winterlude/Bal de neige activities at Parc Jacques-Cartier across the bridge in Gatineau. There, families were enjoying the sliding hills, viewing the snow sculptures, wandering through the labyrinth made entirely of snow, eating beaver tails, drinking hot chocolate, having a great time.

I will upload photos from these events during this week, beginning today with photos of the Chinese community's New Year festivities.

Deacon Peter Fan's ordination in 2008 gave a boost to the community

Leaders past and present pose following discussion of the community's achievements, challenges and hopes

A visit before Mass to the cafeteria coincided with the arrival of the festive roast pig

During Mass red was worn as it symbolizes divine blessings for the Chinese

The presentation of the gifts

The dragon and the tiger parade through the assembly

The bearer of gifts appears with youngsters and Sister

Performances include this brother and sister spinning the large yo-yo's

A special Chinese musical instrument, the yee hoo

A colourful bevy of young ladies

A duet of a Chinese love ballad

The ladies "band" lets loose

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Lenten Prayer Blog

Ignatius Loyola at Manresa, Spain where, following his conversion, he began to compose his Spiritual Exercises

Looking for help praying during Lent? I've just learned of a new Spiritual Exercises Blog, basing prayer suggestions on the text and methods of St. Ignatius Loyola.

This just got started this week and promises daily aids to prayer this Lent by some young Jesuits in the USA.

Check it out at http://sedaily.wordpress.com.

* * * * * *

Bal de Neige/Winterlude: Scenes from Gatineau's Parc Jacques-Cartier

Posing with some parishioners from Rockland

The winning snow sculpture by Team Alberta pays homage to Canada's love affair with hockey

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