Friday, February 26, 2010

A Quick Trip to London, Ontario

Living the Catholic Faith in 2010

The Diocese of London created a lecture series in honour of Bishop John Michael Sherlock upon his retirement in 2002.

They were initially held in St. Peter's Cathedral Basilica, then last year at King's College, University of Western Ontario and this year the lecture was held on Wednesday night in the auditorium of St. Peter's Seminary.

Newly appointed Seminary Rector Father Stephen Wlusek (at left, welcoming everyone) was our host for the evening.

The timing was somewhat precarious for me as we had two Pastoral Days scheduled this week: for the English Sector on Wednesday and for the Francophone Sector yesterday. But Air Canada Jazz had a direct flight to London on Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 and a return flight on Thursday morning at 8:10, which should have allowed a neat fit.

However air travel in winter can be problematic, with the result that yesterday the plane that should have taken us to Ottawa by 9:40 was delayed by de-icing at Toronto Pearson, its point of origin, and then a mechanical failure of some kind that developed in the air, resulting in the delay of most of the morning's flights leaving London for Ottawa and Toronto.

After being re-routed through Toronto, I arrived at Ottawa International at 2:30PM, just slightly after the Pastoral Day had wrapped up.

The "Journey of a Bishop" sometimes encounters bumps on the road (or in the air)!

Herewith photos from Wednesday evening's event:

Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, one of the evening's promoters, and Bishop John Michael Sherlock, who graciously introduced the speaker

The assembly 20 minutes before the talk; chairs were continually added and it was SRO as we began

* * * * * *

Prayer over the People

Look with favour on your people, Lord, that what their observance declares outwardly may take effect more deeply within them. Through Christ our Lord.

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