Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photo Round Up: Visit to Our Lady of Fatima Parish - Ice Sculptures at Winterlude

On Saturday and Sunday, Father Jeffrey L. de Witt King welcomed me to the Parish of Our Lady of Fatima in Ottawa's west end, where I presided at two of the Lord's Day Masses and preached at the other two.

On Sunday, coffee and sweets were served in the parish hall after all the Masses. I was able to greet many of the parishioners at the door and at the receptions. A truly dynamic community of faith!

Here are some photos from the many taken during my visit:

A family team (dad and his three boys) get ready for the 4:30PM Eucharist on Saturday, Father King's ordination anniversary

Father Edwin from Benin Diocese (Nigeria) and the lector and server pose before 9AM Mass

"We think Fatima is a wonderful parish..."

Friends in the Lord

While others socialize in the parish hall, a choir rehearses before Mass

The team at the 10AM Eucharist included Deacon Thomas Cuddihy

Refreshments hit the spot...

A proud mom and her three boys

The servers and lectors for the 11:30 Eucharist presided by the pastor, Father King

* * * * * *

ICE SCULPTURES at Confederation Park

Father Lawrence Raisanen, our canonist who is adjusting to his first winter in Canada, joined me in a visit to the ice sculpture display on Sunday afternoon. A couple of shots:

Facing the cold in the "Ice Palace"...

...with one of the winning sculptures

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  1. Archbishop Terry, your postings are just great ! Surely Ottawa is being good for you ! You and your people look great in the pictures. Take care. With fond friendship in Corde Jesu, Michael