Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photo Round Up: Presenting Lectio divina - St. Patrick's Home

Holy Reading for Priests and People Alike

On Wednesday, Stephen Binz, a biblical scholar and writer from Baton Rouge, spoke during a midday presentation to the priests of Ottawa (with representation from Gatineau and Pembroke) on the principles and practice of Lectio divina, "holy reading" to help mark the Year of Priests.

Though the snowstorm in the USA meant he arrived only at 4AM on Wednesday, his presentation touched many, including the lay faithful at an evening presentation at the Diocesan Centre.

On Thursday, he travelled to the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall for a daytime presentation to the priests and for the faithful that evening.

Stephen Binz and Fr. Joseph Muldoon, episcopal vicar and director of continuing/adult faith formation

A cross-section of the Ottawa priests

Pembroke priests took part in the day

Conversation before the evening lecture

A public session on Wednesday evening

Stephen Binz shows how Scripture study can transform a parish....

A Visit to St. Patrick's Home

On Thursday, feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I enjoyed a very pleasant visit to St. Patrick's Home near Mooney Bay.

We began observance of the World Day of Prayer for the Sick with Holy Mass, with a special blessing for the nursing staff and a final blessing for all the aged and infirm.

This was followed by a visit to the patients who were unable to attend the Eucharist.

Then, there was a reception in the Library followed by a delicious luncheon in the Sisters' dining room on the top floor; the sisters continue to add a special caring and spiritual dimension to the care and outreach to the residents.

Currently, the average age of residents on admission is 86 years; it was in the middle sixties 60s when the present building was built some 45 years ago.

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