Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Summer That Isn't....

This is the lovely view from the dock in from of Marion and John Bayfield's cottage on South Portage Road, Lake of Bays.

(This is the boathouse.)

Normally I visit for a week or so in August when one has to be aware of the afternoon thunder-showers and cooler evenings that can begin to arrive as early as August 15. July is usually a much warmer month, with temperatures in the high 20's--even as high as 30--but not this year.

Temperatures have been consistently in the high teens or low 20's but with a cool breeze, lots of cloud cover and regular rain. Overnight yesterday it was 5 degrees Celsius. Good for sleeping (day or night) and reading and walking but not for swimming or boating, etc. (however the golfers, and John is one, are not complaining)...

However, it is important to be thankful for life and breath and the beauty of all creation that surrounds. With these thoughts, I will log off for the day, wishing all who are on vacation a good break (even in the cool).

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  1. Enjoy your time... I'm leaving for my time off on Monday. First to Rome for a meeting at the CIVCSVA concerning a canonical consult (for a congregation in the U.S.) then I will enjoy Tuscany with two friends, then off to Lourdes to take care of my soul, then off to Paris for a few days of wine and cheese at Sam's and Jean-Baptiste Parent's place. Looking forward to that. Then I'll do my annual retreat in Latrobe before coming back in the harness on August 15th. The Bishop asked us to open another house in the Diocese. Please keep this in your prayers and if you see some good young men, ready for mission life, and who would be good priest and religious material,,,send them my way ! During winter you must come down ! Michel