Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snow in Rome - Skating on the Canal - Photos from the Mass for Consecrated Life

Photos are being posted of the famous sites in Rome covered with snow during the most significant snowfall since 1986:

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Meanwhile back in Ottawa where the Bal de Neige/Winterlude is on, I took my first skate of the winter on a perfect day (except that it got very mild and the ice was like slush by the time I had done the whole 7.8 km and back).  I met members of the Legionnaires of Christ school/novitiate in Cornwall, who were celebrating the foundation day of their institute with a day off to travel to Ottawa....


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Journée de la Vie Consacrée

On Saturday at Notre Dame de Lourdes Church in Vanier, we celebrated at the Eucharist consecrated life in its various forms and dimensions (religious orders, congregations, societies of apostolic life, consecrated virgins, etc).  Les Filles de la Sagesse / Daughters of Wisdom, whose residence is across the street from the church invited us for refreshments. 

Some photos taken of the Eucharist and at the reception:

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