Saturday, March 19, 2011

Solemnity of Saint Joseph - Praying on Parliament Hill - St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Today I will be presiding the 10am concelebrated Mass in the Basilica Church of St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal. It's always a joy to visit the little shrine of St. Brother Andre that grew into the largest shrine in the world dedicated to the foster-father of Our Lord.  This is the statue of St. Joseph in the lower (crypt) chapel:

Grant, we pray, almighty God, that, by St. Joseph's intercession, your Church may constantly watch over the unfolding of the mysteries of human salvation, whose beginnings you entrusted to his faithful care. Through our Lord.

* * * * * *

Earlier this week, I joined a small band of friends of St. Joseph who gathered each morning at 6:15 on Parliament Hill to pray the Novena of St. Joseph (March 10-18) for the good of faith and family (and other intentions) in Canada.

The statue of St. Joseph is carried around the compound surrounding the eternal flame, under the Peace Tower, asking the intercession of the spouse of the Blessed Virgin who is patron of the universal church, of Canada and the Archdiocese of Ottawa for the graces and blessings needed at this time. I am grateful for their witness and their intercessary prayer for the intentions I confide to them.

* * * * * *


A goodly number of the clergy, religious and faithful gathered at St. Patrick's Basilica on Thursday to celebrate the feast day of the patron saint of the Irish and those touched by the Irish missionary outreach (Nigerians Catholics, for example, who hold St. Patrick as their patron, but many others too).

Here are some pictures taken at the Mass and reception, including the Irish dancers who delighted those who thronged the Scavi (parish hall) for the lovely luncheon provided by Father Richard Siok, Rector and the parish of St. Patrick's:

Photo credit: Father Larry McCormick


  1. I love when you post your pictures of all the visits and travels ☺
    I am always in awe when I see pics of the Oratory of ST.Joseph I acnnot imagine what it would be like in real life .It must be very grand and yet solem place .
    Look at those dancers ! I love thier hair lol
    Thanks again for sharing and happy travels ☺

  2. Mgr l'Archevêque d'Ottawa,
    Bonne Fête de St-Joseph !
    Ici, dans l'Archidiocèse de Sherbrooke,
    nous avons un magnifique petit sanctuaire
    dédié à St-Joseph. Situé tout en haut du Mont St-Joseph à Notre-Dame des Bois, Qc. ma paroisse natale.
    Bonne concélébration au Grand Sanctuaire de
    Nous avons tous hâte de voir les photos sur votre
    Paul-René Lavigne

  3. ta ta ta ta ta. And a wonderful Mass it was too.

  4. friends of Sainnt JosephMarch 21, 2011 at 1:33 AM

    Thank you Your Grace for joining us on the hill during the Novena in honour of Saint Joseph. Your presence and blessing is a wonderful encouragement for us all. We hope to see you again during the Divine Mercy novena commencing on Good Friday (6:15am @ the Centennial flame).
    friends of Saint Joseph