Saturday, March 5, 2011

Climbing Croagh Patrick - Sainte Geneviève: Confirmations

Today I am en route to the Tuam Archdiocese to complete the Apostolic Visitation to the Tuam Archdiocese.

This evening, I will preside at Mass with the Youth Council; tomorrow, I will join them in climbing the penitential mountain, asking God’s blessings on the Church in Ireland as it seeks to heal and be renewed.

Please join in prayer this week for the renewal of Church life in the country of my forebears.

Croagh Patrick, the sacred mountain of Ireland is close to the town of Westport in County Mayo, Ireland.

Croagh Patrick rises some 2,510 feet above sea level, the guide books and locals say, we need to allow 2.5 hours to climb the loose rocks to the top, and about 1.5 hours to scramble down again. We will, weather permitting, celebrate Mass on the summit.

It was at this site that Saint Patrick fasted for 40 days in AD 441, and legend has it, on this mountain he cast out all snakes from Ireland.

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Confirmations à Sainte Geneviève

Samedi passé, j’ai présidé les Confirmations à la paroisse Sainte Geneviève avec des étudiants des écoles Sainte Bernadette et Marius Barbeau..

Voici quelques photos :

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  1. Mgr l'Archevêque d'Ottawa,
    Aujourd'hui j'aimerais souligner le magnifique
    travail de construction à la Paroisse St-Isidore-Laboureur. Sous la direction du Curé, Fr Virgil
    Amirdakumar et toute l'équipe de construction.
    C'est un "Super" projet qui mérite notre
    Votre en Jésus et Marie...