Wednesday, May 19, 2010

St.Yves - Shepherds of Good Hope Hunger Meal - French Catholic School Board honours clergy

Today, I noticed in my French breviary, that the Church in France celebrates St. Yves (English St. Ives), defender of the poor. Knowing little about him, here is what I found on the web:

Saint Yves défendant les pauvres. Isaac Moillon. Collégiale Notre-Dame. Beaune. Bourgogne. XVIIe.

St. Ives, born at Kermartin, near Tréguier, Brittany, 17 October, 1253; died at Louannee, 19 May, 1303, was the son of Helori, lord of Kermartin, and Azo du Kenquis. In 1267 Ives was sent to the University of Paris, where he graduated in civil law. He went to Orléans in 1277 to study canon law.

On his return to Brittany having received minor orders he was appointed "official", or ecclesiastical judge, of the archdeanery of Rennes (1280); meanwhile he studied Scripture, and there are strong reasons for holding that he joined the Franciscan Tertiaries sometime later at Guingamp.

Soon he was invited by the Bishop of Tréguier to become his "official", and accepted the offer (1284). He displayed great zeal and rectitude in the discharge of his duty and did not hesitate to resist the unjust taxation of the king, which he considered an encroachment on the rights of the Church; by his charity he gained the title of advocate and patron of the poor.

Having been ordained he was appointed to the parish of Tredrez in 1285 and eight years later to Louannee, where he died. He was buried in Tréguier, and was canonized in 1347 by Clement VI, his feast being kept on 19 May. He is the patron of lawyers, though not, it is said, their model, for — "Sanctus Ivo erat Brito, Advocatus et non latro, Res miranda populo."

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Yesterday was a very busy day with the regular Tuesday staff meetings, a brief address at the Shepherds of Good Hope fundraising meal at which Rabbi Reuben Bulka and I spoke on social justice in our respective faith communities.

In the afternoon, I attended a farewell for Mr. Jamie McCracken as head of the Ottawa Catholic School Board (no photos from it, so there is one from the hunger meal.

Messrs. Gordon Butler, Chair Ottawa Catholic School Board Trustees, Jamie McCracken, Michael Allen, CEO of United Way of Ottawa

Finally, I attended a clergy recognition dinner held by the Conseil district catholique de l'Est ontarien at the Casselview Golf and Country Club in Casselman in honour of the Year of the Priest. Some photos.

Shepherds of Good Hope Hunger Meal

Shepherds of Good Hope High School Volunteer of the Year Award Winner Christine Mathew and her parents

Dîner pour célébrer l’Année du Prêtre

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