Thursday, March 11, 2010

Visits to the Elderly and Other Scenes of the Pastoral Visitation of Holy Redeemer Parish

Saturday evening, some 85 representatives of the Pastoral, Finance and other councils and committees shared their joys in this dynamic parish, their concerns and their questions about diocesan and universal church matters

Today, Father Muldoon and I begin the visitation of St. Andrew's Parish, Barrhaven, a community of faith that meets in St. Joseph's High School (Father Jessimar Tapia, the pastor, has an office in Mother Teresa High School). We will be visiting several schools today.

The visitation will continue tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday.

Meantime, here are some photos of the Nursing and Retirement homes visited at Holy Redeemer Parish, plus shots of Masses presided by Fathers Pierre Champoux and John Okosun.

During the visitation to seniors' homes, I met two brothers of Jesuit companions (the late Father Lawrence Braceland and Father J. Kevin McKenna).

Visits to Senior Residences

Residents are grateful for the Mass celebrated once a month and visits from the Legion of Mary members who bring Holy Communion and lead prayers for the seniors

Desmond McKenna is making a good recovery from surgery

Hugh Braceland resides at Stonehaven Manor

At Bridlewood Trails residence we had a vivid discussion about the spiritual lives of the elderly

During this visit, I forgot to take my sunglasses off

* * * * * *

Other Scenes from the Weekend at Holy Redeeemer

Student-priest in residence, Father John Okosun celebrates the 8 o'clock Sunday Mass

There's lots of family life at Holy Redeemer

Handling the bishop's crozier...

Preparing for the 9:30 Sunday Mass celebrated by Pastor Father Pierre Champoux

Servers at the 7 o'clock youth-themed Mass get ready for the entrance procession

Father Joe enjoys these visits for the chance to meet former parishioners and old friends and for making new friends

There it is: holiness is the goal for the youth, yes, but for everyone else too!


  1. Your Grace,

    Keep it up! I pray that God may multiply your sowing in manifold fruits to you and those who are under your care.


  2. Your Emminence,

    Thank you so very much for visiting with and blessing my father, Patrick Desmond McKenna.

    He passed away peacefully Friday night, March 12, minutes after my arrival from Québec City (God had given him the strength to wait for me, of that I have no doubt), I held his hand as you did, my mother by his side, as we all had prayed for, weeks after his diagnosis of bone cancer.

    He is in Heaven now, I am certain, and may God rest his soul.

    Catherine McKenna

  3. My apologies, Your Grace, for my error with your title...I have addressed our local Bishop, Cardinal Marc Ouellet as "your Emminence" for so long, it was out of habit.

    Again, our family deeply appreciates the time you spent with my beloved father.

    Catherine McKenna