Friday, March 12, 2010

Clergy explore Lectio divina - National CCO caucuses - Neo-Catechumenal Missionary Team

On the left of this photo we note the facilitators for this session, Pere Yvan Mathieu, s.m., professor of Scripture at St. Paul's University and Abbe Francois Kibwenge, pastor of Paroisse St-Louis de Montfort, Vanier

This week, the francophone priests held their annual winter study day at Eglise St-Joseph in Orleans, which is celebrating its sesquicentennial this year (1860-2010). Its theme was lectio divina and how it might assist the spiritual life of the clergy and the people they serve, particularly with the ministry of the Word of God.

Two texts were read in the lectio divina style: the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) and the gospel of the Prodigal Father who strives to recover for his two boys their dignity as his sons (Luke 15:1-3, 11-32), which is featured in this coming Sunday's liturgy.

I joined them in mid-session and for the midday meal. It was clear that this was a wonderful instance of fraternal sharing, even edification:

The discussions continue over lunch

A moment of sharing the two key points: what the text says and what the text says to me/to us

* * * * * *

The Ottawa Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) Gala Dinner on Monday evening served as an occasion to gather some of the missionaries from across the country for internal discussions, a meeting I dropped in on to congratulate all on the wonderful event with Cardinal Levada

* * * * * *

Two of the members of Canada's Neo-Catechumenal Way itinerant missionary band, Padre Isidoro and Donatella, have become my friends over the last dozen years. They came to the National Capital Region for several meetings this week and I was pleased we could meet for a conversation and dinner, as well as to show them my quarters (they had previously visited me in Mississauga and Halifax). Francisco, an Italian seminarian doing his period of itinerancy (like the pastoral year our seminarians are used to) accompanied them.

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  1. I regularly attend Sunday mass at Montfort. Abbé Kibwenge is a godsend. His sermons fill me with hope and strength. He is truly "remplis de joie" and it really shows in his sermons. I thank God every day for bringing him to our parish.