Saturday, January 30, 2010

Transfer from the NAC to Jesuit Curia - Installation of Ottawa´s New Cathedral Rector

The NAC complex seen from the sports field

Late yesterday afternoon, after a pleasant several days at the Pontifical North American College (the NAC), I headed down the Gianiculum Hill to the Borgo Santo Spirito for a couple of days with Jesuit colleagues at the Curia of the General of the Jesuits, Father Adolfo Nicolas.

When a new Father General is elected (seen in the photo taking the oath of office after his recent election), it is often the time for a renewal of staff, so this time it became evident that I knew fewer of the men who are at the Curia than had been the case in earlier years. Still, I find it a very prayerful, hard-working (the assistants of the General are often on the road, which develops among them a real asceticism as they serve the universal Society of Jesus) and welcoming community.

Front entrance of the Jesuit Curia, down the Borgo Santo Spirito street from St. Peter´s

These couple of days off give me a chance to catch my breath, do some reading and praying, as well as have opportunities to visit with our Ottawa archdiocesan men in Rome, Fathers Jose Betttencourt and Daniel Paquin, and friends.

Because of the internet access available here, I am unable to upload photos from my own laptop so these are from those available on the internet.

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Last Sunday, we celebrated the formal installation of the Servite of Mary, Father Paul McKeown, OSM as Rector of Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica. This took place at both the 10:30 francophone liturgy and the noon English-language Mass. Jean-Claude Grant has provided photos of the occasion.

At the Presentation of the Gifts, the offerings of bread and wine as the elements for the Mass, were highlighted with a special prayer for the one who rules (the meaning of "rector") in the place of the archbishop at the Holy Eucharist

The elevation at the consecration of the Mass

Once Father McKeown, O.S.M. had made some remarks before the final blessing, the recessional took place