Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NET Commissioning Mass - Installation of Father Randall Hendriks, CC at Blessed Sacrament

On October 1 at an anticipated Lord's Day Mass in Notre-Dame Cathedral, I was pleased to celebrate Mass and to commission the missionaries of NET Canada/Les Equipes NET.  In English, NET stands for National Evangelization Teams; in French NET stands for Nouvelle Evangelisation sur leTerrain.

There are three travelling teams, one francophone and two English-speaking ones that will traverse the country--literally from coast to coast--sharing the joy of faith, knowing Jesus, experiencing reconciliation, preparing for Confirmation, growing in confidence as Catholic Christians.

The other three teams are city- or parish-based, ministering to youth this year in parishes or clusters of parishes in Medicine HatYellowknife and Halifax

Above is a photo taken in the sacristy before Mass, below a photo of the French-speaking travelling team.

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On Sunday, I presided at the installation of Father Randy Hendriks as the pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church. Members of his religious family,-the Companions of the Cross, were in attendance as well as his mother, who had come from Vineland, ON on the Thanksgiving weekend.

At the entrance to the church and at the reception in the hall after the Mass, I had the joy of meeting the Iraqi refugee family welcomed by the parish, parishioners and visitors (photos courtesy of Gord Johnson):

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