Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anniversaires significatives - Pope's Intentions for This Month

L’année 2011 présentera l’occasion du 125ième anniversaire de l’élévation du diocèse d’Ottawa au statut d’Archidiocèse d'Ottawa.

Aussi, quelques paroisses fêteront des anniversaires significatives : 175 ans pour St. Jean Baptiste (L’Orignal) et 125 ans pour Ste. Euphémie de Casselman.

Le week-end du 8-9 janvier, j’ai assisté à l’inauguration des festivités à Casselman et à la clôture du 125ième de la paroisse du Sacré-Cœur de Bourget. Voici quelques photos :

Casselman, samedi soir, 8 janvier

* * * * * *

Bourget, dimanche matin, 9 janvier

* * * * * *

Apostleship of Prayer:
The Pope's Monthly Intentions
for January 2011

God, our Father, I offer You my day. 

I offer You my prayers, thoughts, words, actions, joys and sufferings in union with the Heart of Jesus, who continues to offer Himself in the Eucharist for the salvation of the world.

May the Holy Spirit, who guided Jesus, be my guide and strength today so that I may witness to Your love. 

With Mary, the mother of our Lord and of the Church, I pray for all Apostles of Prayer and for this month's intentions proposed by the Holy Father.


* * *

JANUARY 2011 Intentions 

General Intention: •Care for Creation. That the riches of the created world may be preserved, valued, and made available as God's precious gift for all.

Mission Intention: •Unity of Christians. That Christians may attain full unity, witnessing to all the universal fatherhood of God.

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  1. Isn't that picture the icon image of the Sacred Heart in Maryvale Chapel, Birmingham, England - the place where Newman made his first home after becoming a Catholic? Beautiful.