Friday, October 29, 2010

The CCCB Plenary: Closing Hours - Upcoming Book Launch

The Bishops' Plenary has a distinct rhythm, alernating worship, presentations, discussions, voting, reports, socialization, etc. Here are some scenes from the week that was:

Deacon Gerald LeBlanc and Mgr Louis Dicaire following Mass

Cardinal-elect Gianfranco Ravasi speaks about modern culture and the challenges of evangelizing it

Archbishop Michael Miller, CSB (centre ) speaks about the challenges and possibilities of parish life today, with panelists Bishop Richard Grecco (left) and Mgr Gerald Cyprien Lacroix (right)

On the last evening of the assembly the new bishops are presented (this year Bishop Donald Bolen of Saskatoon, Toronto Auxiliary Bishops William McGratton and Vincent Nguyen and Syrian Bishop for the USA and Canada Most Reverend Yosif Habash (whose mother tongue is Aramaic, just like Our Lord).

A cordial evening:


Afterwards, bishops who have released various forms of publication get to present them. Bishop Gary Gordon of Whitehorse presented us with his YouTube film "Apostle of the North" (above), Bishop Gerald Lacroix described his eight-part DVD on evangelization and I spoke of my just-published book Living God's Word, on the Readings for Year A (and the solemnities and feasts that can displace a Sunday), which will have its formal launch on November 10 at St. Paul's University (cf. poster below). 

Anyone interested in attending may indicate this by calling the number listed on the electronic invitation: 

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