Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gathering of Marriage Tribunal Officials at the Diocesan Centre

Last week, our Judicial Vicar, Father Vincent Pereira convoked a gathering of men and women who are involved in serving the Catholic faithful in the Catholic Marriage Tribunals of the Ottawa ecclesiastical province (dioceses of Hearst, Timmins, Pembroke and Ottawa).

The occasion allowed persons who are in contact with each other by post, phone and electronic mail to meet in person and to find support in the often difficult ecclesial service of meeting with men and women whose marital difficulties raise the issue of whether there was a true marriage, as they simultaneously strive to defend the bond of marriage as willed by God the Creator for humanity and by Christ Jesus for his disciples as a reflection of his love for his body, the church.

There were two presentations by Father Pereira (Some Procedural Notes to Seek the Truth) and Mr. Robert Lariviere (The Art of Instructing a Case) followed by discussions, a luncheon and, at the end of the day, joined by my Vicars, Mass celebrated in the Archbishops' Chapel, a reception and formal dinner at my residence.

Here are some photos from the latter part of the day (I had forgotten to take my camera to the events at the Diocesan Centre):

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