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Cardinal Martini in Memoriam - Papal Prayer Intentions for September 2012 - The Death of Father J. Murray Abraham, S.J.

Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini, SJ. (1927-2012), Cardinal-Archbishop emeritus of Milan (1980-2002) passed away yesterday, after suffering from Parkinson's Disease for the last twelve years.  His funeral will be in Milan on Monday.

A widely-published biblical scholar and retreat giver, he often composed prayers to reflect his spiritual insights.  Here is one such prayer translated into French and English by one of his close associates, Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B.

Requiescat in pace.
.* * *
Prière pour fidélité à Jérusalem et Rome

Seigneur notre Dieu, nous te louons et te bénissons pour Jérusalem,parce que tu nous as donné
cette cité comme symbole de l¹histoire de Dieu et de l¹histoire de
l¹humanité ;
signe de ton amour pour nous et de ta miséricorde pour nos péchés ;
symbole de notre pèlerinage terrestre vers toi, un pèlerinage qui présente
tant de difficultés et de conflits.
Nous prions pour Jérusalem et pour tous nos frères et soeurs juifs..

Nous te remercions, Seigneur, par ce que tu nous as appelés à servir le
Christ et à porter sa croix aujourd¹hui dans l’Église,
L¹Église dont le centre est Rome ;
Comme tu nous as appelés à être un avec ton Fils,
Tu nous apprends à nommer notre unité avec lui,
Dans les paroles d¹Ignace de Loyola, « l’épouse du Christ notre Seigneur,
qui est notre Sainte Mère, l¹Église »

Nous te remercions pour l¹Église et pour Rome
qui est à l¹image de l¹unité du pèlerinage vers son unité,
et pour les tentations que nous devons endurer afin d¹achever cette unité.

Nous te prions afin que nous soyons fideles à Jérusalem et Rome,
à ton Fils et à l’Église, dans ce périple commun de l¹humanité
vers le coeur de la Trinité,
vers la contemplation de ton visage
de Père, Fils et Saint Esprit. Amen.

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, s.j., (1927-2012) extrait de son livre, Due Pellegrini per la Giustazia [Centro Ambrosiano : Edizioni Piemme, 1992]; Traduction française de Thomas Rosica, c.s.b.

A Prayer for Fidelity to Jerusalem and Rome

"Lord Our God, we Praise you and we bless you for Jerusalem,
Because you have given this city to us
As the symbol of the story of God and the story of humanity;
The sign of your love for us and of your forgiveness for our sins;
The symbol of our earthly pilgrimage toward you,
A pilgrimage that involves so many difficulties and so many conflicts

"We pray for Jerusalem and for all of our Jewish brothers and sisters.
We give you thanks, Lord, because you have called us to serve Christ
And to carry his cross today in the Church,
The Church that has its center in Rome;

Since you have called us to be one with your Son,
You teach us to give a name to our oneness with him, In the words of Ignatius of Loyola, "The true bride of Christ our Lord, who is our Holy Mother Church
We thank you for the Church and for Rome
That is the image of unity and the pilgrimage toward this unity,
And for the trials that we must undergo to achieve this unity.

"We ask you that we may be faithful to Jerusalem and to Rome,
To your Son and to the Church, in this common journey of humanity Toward the heart of the Trinity,Toward the contemplation of your face Of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen."

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, S.J. (1927-2012), "Due Pellegrini per la Giustizia" (Centro Ambrosiano: Edizioni Piemme, 1992).English translation by Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B. (1992) – used by permission.

* * * * * *


Sacred Heart Statue, Church of St. Patrick, Toronto

The following are the Holy Father's intentions for September

General Intention: That politicians may always act with honesty, integrity, and love for the truth.

Missionary Intention: Help for the Poorest Churches. That Christian communities may have a growing willingness to send missionaries, priests, and lay people, along with concrete resources, to the poorest Churches.

* * * * * *



Father J. Murray Abraham S.J., long-time Canadian missioner to India died peacefully in Kurseong, India, on August 28, 2012, in his 87th year, 72nd as a Jesuit and in his 58th year in the priesthood.

Born in North Sydney, NS on September 26th, 1925 to Alice Shields and Arthur Abraham; Saint Mary's University High School in Halifax was his alma mater.

Murray Abraham entered the Jesuits in Guelph, ON in 1941. In 1948, he volunteered for the Canadian Jesuit Mission in Darjeeling in North East India. Teaching, language studies, and Theology followed; he was ordained a priest in 1954.

Father Abraham was an educator, a formidable advocate for those most in need and will be remembered particularly for his work in the Kurseong area of the Darjeeling district.

The founder of Saint Alphonsus Social and Agricultural Centre (SASAC) and of the Society of Jesus Agricultural and Social Institute (SOJASI), he was a faithful Jesuit priest, prolific writer, an accomplished educator and a mesmerizing public speaker.

Jesus’ words in the gospel, ''I was hungry and you gave me to eat...'' stands as the epitaph for his life as well as the motivation spurring on the many benefactors of his works across Canada who responded generously to his passionate appeals for the needy people he served. Accordingly, information will be forthcoming shortly regarding memorial services in various places across the country.

Please visit for updates on planning for these; donations may be made in his memory and sent to: Canadian Jesuits International, 70 Saint Mary Street, Toronto ON Canada, M5S 1J3 Toll free: 1-800-448-2148

Father Abraham is survived by several nephews, nieces and cousins. Funeral and burial rites were held on August 29th in Kurseong.


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  1. he was my uncle.My dad was John Edward Abraham.My name is Anthony Abraham.He did not have much to do with me.I could have benefitted from his greatness.But I was not that important