Thursday, August 25, 2011

St. Louis de France - Back to the Challenges of Daily Life

Saint Louis est un Roi qui a marqué l' Histoire de France, il symbloise le bon Roi.

Pourtant le début de son règne a été difficile sous la tutelle de sa mère Blanche de Castille (une des plus grandes dames du Moyen-Age).

Sa pièté a été mis en exergue et c'est le seul Roi de France canonisé par L'Eglise.

Il est mort en Croisade, à Tunis, en 1270.

* * *

Collect for St. Louis, King of France

O God, who brought Saint Louis from the cares of earthly rule to the glory of a heavenly realm, grant, we pray, through his intercession, that by fulfilling our duties on earth, we may seek out your eternal Kingdom. Through our Lord.

* * * * * *


Last night, our travel to Spain drew to a close: we had wonderful travel weather, but several bags did not make it to Montreal when we did and one was badly damaged.

This meant that our bus from Dorval's Trudeau airport to the Diocesan Centre via Sainte Trinite Parish arrived there at 9:30 PM and at Kilborn Place at 10:15.  Much rejoicing with the bells ringing out in Rockland and happy parents, family and friends at the end of the long journey and the great adventure.

This morning, after a brief sleep in, I headed to the Terry Fox Centre for a presentation to CCO staffers on the NEW ROMAN MISSAL and Eucharist; this afternoon it's the seminarians Mass and barbecue, so I have hit the ground running hard.  The posting of photos from the last day in Avila, etc is on hold for the moment. More shortly.

Thanks to all who kept us in their thoughts and prayers: WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR SO MANY GRACES!

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