Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday before the Ascension (in Canada) - First Saturday of the Month: Madonna House - Financial Administrators Meeting

Constantly shape our minds, we pray, O Lord, by the practice of good works, that trying always for what is better, we may strive to hold ever fast to the paschal mystery.  Through our Lord.

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The First Saturday of the Month has taken on a Marian dimension, often featuring, when liturgically possible, the Mass of the Blessed Virgin on Saturday.

The Marian charism in the church often has a contemplative dimension, so it should not be surprising that a way of life named in honour of Our Blessed Mother, the Madonna House Apostolate, should have a reflective aspect.

This is so at an oasis of prayer and silent withdrawal that is fostered by the two members of Madonna House, Martha Shepherd and Arlene Becker, who direct a house of prayer in a residential area off Island Park Drive.  Recently, I visited for Mass, refreshments and an exchange with friends and supporters of the apostolate.

Some photos:

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Diocesan Financial Managers' Meeting

Several years ago in Halifax, Diocesan Financial Managers came together to share common wisdom and to learn from each other how to manage the material resources of the local churches for the benefit of the Church's mission and out of a spirit of accountable stewardship.  On that occasion, I hosted a reception. This weekend I got to do the same as, under the direction of our Business Manager, Jules Dagenais, Ottawa hosted the men and women who serve the bishops and their dioceses. 

After a rather wet couple of weeks, the weather finally cleared, so we were able to take advantage of the patio off my living quarters, which had just had some potted plants added with a touch of colour and a promise of barbecue weather to come. 

A few photos:

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