Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St. Frances of Rome - The 11AM Sunday Mass at Holy Redeemer

The statue of St. Frances of Rome in St. Peter's Vatican Basilica

One of Rome's favourite saints has an optional memorial today. St. Frances of Rome (Born 1384 at Rome; died March 9, 1440 at Rome; Canonized May 9, 1608 by Paul V) founded the institute known as the "Oblati di Tor de Specchi" in the Eternal City. She was a wealthy patrician and after her husband died, she gave up all her wealth to live a life of abject poverty. Her special privilege from heaven was familiar conversation with her guardian angel.

Reading the life of St. Frances, one gains the impression that she moved and lived in the spiritual world more than on earth; in fact, that which gives her life its unique character is her intimate relationship with the blessed world of holy spirits.

During the three periods of her life, three angels of different rank accompanied her, ready to protect her soul against any onslaught of hell and to lead her step by step to spiritual perfection. Day and night the saint saw her angel busy at a mysterious task. With three little golden spindles he unceasingly spun golden threads, strung them around his neck, and diligently wound them into balls. A half year before her death he changed his work. Instead of spinning more golden thread, he began to weave three carpets of varying size with the golden thread he had spun. These carpets symbolized her lifework as virgin, mother, and religious.

Shortly before her death, she noticed how the angel was hurrying his work, and his face was unusually fresh and happy. At the very moment when the last carpet had reached its required length, her soul departed into eternal bliss. (Excerpted from The Church's Year of Grace, Pius Parsch)

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Pastoral Visit to Holy Redeemer Parish:

Pastor Father Pierre Champoux welcomes the Archbishop for the Pastoral Visitation

At the principal Sunday Eucharist at Holy Redeemer, a skilled photographer Miguel Rodriguez was present and took a large number of photos, which he has kindly made available.

Here is a selection that gives an overall impression of the vitality of the worshipping community. The Scripture lessons were from Year A (the Samaritan Woman), as the scruties were prayed over Suzanne, a member of the Elect.

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